International Honors Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate interdisciplinary inquiry or analysis by integrating knowledge and modes of thinking across disciplines to generate a new insight or line of inquiry.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to understand and weigh achievements and limitations of claims from the past and present, as well as their own.
  3. Articulate a complex understanding and variability of social issues in a diverse, global context.
  4. Utilize academic tools and critical thinking in complex and nuanced ways in order to frame and engage a contemporary issue.
  5. Demonstrate critical engagement in the process of situating and articulating one’s individual ethics and demonstrate the ability to reflect upon the role of commitment to service, justice, and sense of vocation in an individual’s life.

Assessed Through
IHON 328: Final Project

updated January 2019

International Honors Program Mission

The International Honors Program is a rigorous alternative to the General Education Program at Pacific Lutheran University, and is designed for independently-motivated students with an interest in pursuing their studies in a global context. Rooted in the university’s emphasis on liberal arts education, International Honors consists of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses that explore contemporary issues and their historical foundations through an integrated, multi-national approach. Four core foundations define the honors curriculum: Multidisciplinary approaches, historical and internationally focused study, intentional intellectual formation and ethical reflection.