Registration Activity


Spring Registration

A daily summary of continuing student registration for the spring semester during registration weeks in the fall. The report includes the percent of students with a registration appointment time that have registered, the percent of spring registered students with full-time registration, a count of daily registration appointment times, and student registration hold information.

Spring 2022 – Undergraduate

Spring 2022 – Graduate


Fall Registration

This weekly summary of registration includes overall headcount (UG & GR), continuing student registration percent (UG & GR), and first-year retention rate (UG) during the months leading up to the start of the fall semester. The reports are updated each week from the end of registration in April until the fall census date (10th day) in September.

These reports are now available in the 2021 Factbook

Fall 2021 – Undergraduate

Fall 2021 – Graduate

Fall 2021 – Undergraduate – Disaggregated by Race/Ethnicity

Fall 2021 – Undergraduate – Disaggregated by Gender