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Food For Thought: Ashley Dell’osa

December 1, 2012

Ashley Dell’Osa ’13: ‘Smart Ones for the smart one.’

“I feel like I’m constantly on the go. I wish I had more time and money to cook and have healthier food,” Dell’Osa said. “[Cooking] definitely goes on the back burner just because I’m so busy during the day. I’m trying to eat healthy and it’s difficult because I’m always on the go.”

Major: environmental studies

Hometown: Enumclaw, Wash.

What home cooked meal she misses most: beef stroganoff

Craziest food she’s tasted: Pickled chicken feet during a semester study away in Trinidad and Tobago. “It was very gummy,” Dell’Osa said. “You sucked on it and then you had to spit out the bones. It was the weirdest texture I had ever eaten.”

Dell’Osa adds some sliced grape tomatoes to her salad.

Dell’Osa adds some sliced grape tomatoes to her salad.

Staple Food: chicken and Smart Ones meals

Specialty: chicken apple salad

Where she gets her food-spiration: her Italian cookbook, family recipes, and Google searches

Where she gets her food: Safeway, Walmart, and Winco

Grocery List: Smart Ones meals, canned soups, apples, oranges, salad fixings, granola bars, tomatoes, frozen veggies, Kashi cereal, yogurt, and milk

Breakfast: English muffin with some organic peanut butter and a piece of fruit

Lunch: bowl of soup, salad, or a wrap

Snack: veggies with a granola bar or string cheese

Dinner: a Smart Ones meal or chicken salad