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Evacuation drill

February 1, 2013

Fire drill between Feb. 25 and March 1.

There will be a Fire/Evacuation drill in PLU non-residential buildings (Blomquist, CC,  E. Campus, Health, Ingram, Hauge, MBR, Mailroom/Warehouse/Printshop, Memorial, Morken, Mortvedt, Names, Neeb, Olson, Payroll House, Ramstad, Rieke, Theater, UC, Xavier) the week of Feb. 25-March 1 in the morning. The exact time and date will not be announced.

A building fire alarm will trigger the drill in most buildings. Please read the following so that you are fully prepared.

Gather your belongings. If you have an emergency kit in your office, take it with you. Shut the door behind you. Leave the building from the exit nearest the room you are leaving.

Go to the Evacuation Assembly Area for the building you are leaving and check in with the Emergency Building Coordinator (EBC), Resident Assistant or your class instructor.

Faculty who are in class during the drill should lead their class out of the nearest, unblocked exit to the evacuation assembly area and account for students using faculty rosters. Please pass accountability information on to the EBC, even if not complete, before the drill is over.

Evacuees will be released back into the buildings with an announcement over the emergency blue phone speakers. If you are not within audible range of a speaker, the EBC will release people back into the building within 15 minutes of the start of the drill.