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PLU students make alternative plans for Spring Break

March 22, 2013
Students hiking Zion National Park

Last year’s Outdoor Recreation Alternative Spring Break.

PLU students make alternative plans for Spring Break

Jesse Major ’14

This year there are four PLU Alternative spring break trips that take students as far away as Guatemala or allows them to stay in Parkland.

Holy Week in Guatemala

Campus Ministry is taking a group of seven students to Antigua Guatemala for Holy Week.

“It gives us the opportunity to experience Holy week in Antiqua,” Reverend Dennis Sepper said.

Antigua has one of the largest processions in the world. This will be the third time students will be visiting Antigua for Holy Week. Students will also have the opportunity to meet the Guatemalan student and family sponsored by the University Congregation.

Parkland Staycation

Through Campus Ministry and the Center for Community Engagement and Service, students have the opportunity to discover beauty within Parkland.

“The Staycation is for people who would like to stay close to home and get to know the parkland area a little better,” Sepper said.

There are various activities that range from a College Night Panel at Keithley Middle School to assisting the Parkland First Baptist Food Bank.

Unlike other spring break trips, students can pick and choose which activities they will attend.

Parkland Plunge

Sponsored by IGNITE, students will be living in the Parkland community at a local church while partnering with local organizations. “It’s a biblical mandate to care for those around you,” Amelia Klein ‘12, said.  They will be working at a food bank and partnering with Trinity Lutheran to do yard work for people in the Parkland community.

Outdoor Rec

Outdoor Recreation is taking a group of students to Utah over spring break. They will start by going to the canyon lands where they will go rafting for a day. “I’m really excited to go rafting. The Colorado River should be a great place to start,” James Olsen ’14, who will be leading the group, said.

After going to the Grand Canyon, the group will go up through Boise, Idaho and back to Tacoma.