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Brooke Thames ’18 recommends delectable options for breakfast, lunch and dinner at PLU

Brooke Thames ’18 recommends delectable options for breakfast, lunch and dinner at PLU

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Brooke Thames holding multiple ice cream containers at PLU's Old Main Market

Image: Brooke Thames is a junior from Modesto, California majoring in journalism. ( Photos by John Froschauer/PLU)

August 29, 2016

Breakfast at Tahoma Market & Cafe

Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich and a venti chai tea latte

Located on Lower Campus, Tahoma Market & Cafe is the one-stop shop for everything food-related. From snacks to smoothies to made-to-order sandwiches, Tahoma’s got everything any hungry college student could want for a study-break snack. Tahoma also serves up an excellent variety of breakfast foods to get Lutes good and ready to face a day of conquering classes. My go-to choice is the classic sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, which features a hot sausage patty, fluffy egg and melted cheese wedged between two English muffins. The sausage, egg and cheese sandwich is simple and delicious, but those who like a little spice in their breakfast can opt for chorizo instead. Those who don’t eat meat can also grab a great veggie sausage, egg and cheese, which even I can vouch for as a non-vegetarian. And let’s not forget that breakfast isn’t breakfast without a large cup of something hot and steamy, especially in the fall. Call me basic, but a venti chai tea latte is just what I need to get my day started off right. Tahoma also offers a large variety of coffees and teas that can be ordered either hot or cold.

Brooke Thames poses with a coffee at the Tahoma Cafe on campus at PLU.

Lunch at Garfield 208

Brooke Thames snaps a photo of her lunch using her iphone.
Close up of prosciutto, pecorino tuscano and arugula piadini.
Close up of Tuscan Bread Salad
Brooke Thames takes a bite out of her piadini.
Prosciutto, Pecorino Toscano and arugula piadini and a Tuscan bread salad

Eating lunch at college can be tricky. Whether it’s the Commons’ rush hour, a busy class schedule or simply a lack of options, every college student eventually has trouble finding food for their midday refuel. Luckily for Lutes, Garfield 208 is open late and features delicious meals at college-kid prices. For $4.25,  you can get an amazing piadini filled with pecorino cheese, prosciutto ham and tons of yummy arugula. The combination is salty yet fresh and a great alternative to the standard sandwich. The piadini is a bit small, so those who might need a bit more food to satisfy the midday pangs can add a Tuscan bread salad. A sizable dish, the Tuscan bread salad is tossed with chunks of ciabatta, doused in balsamic vinegar and topped with peppers, tomato, onion and basil. Both of these choices are great alone, but together these two dishes make for a savory meal that satisfies – at least, until dinner time.

Dinner at The Commons

Brooke Thames poses with a cheeseburger while sitting on the balcony of the Anderson University Center.
Close up photo of a cheeseburger and fries.
The Bistro Burger and fries

Crave stands as the “all-American” option in the Commons. On any given night one can find mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and any variety of barbecued meats ready to eat. Crave is also known as the home of PLU’s hamburgers, and this year a new addition is stealing the show. The Bistro Burger is new to PLU and an excellent twist on a classic. Instead of the traditional toppings, the Bistro Burger combines garlic aioli spread and arugula to create a taste that’s fresh and delicious. An Angus patty topped with melted cheese provides the savory element that burger enthusiasts crave, and two toasted buns make the sandwich complete. All that’s left is a side of crisp french fries to make the Bistro Burger a fantastic eat.

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Meet PLU’s Executive Director of Hospitality Services and Campus Restaurants Erin McGinnis.