New transcriptions for two players on one organ with two or more manuals and pedal

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Duetto in F Major, Opus 18, J. C. Bach
A delightful manualiter composition in two movements for organ using two manuals.

Bach JC Duetto Sample Pages


Ricercar a 6 (Musical Offering), J. S. Bach

A four hand (manualiter) arrangement of this grand Ricercar, both in it’s original key of c minor, and transposed into d minor.

Bach Ricercar Sample Pages


Symphony No. 5, Opus 107, Reformations Symphony, Movements 3 and 4, Felix Mendelssohn
Just in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this transcription of the last two movements of the Reformation Symphony ends in the grand setting of the chorale “Ein Feste Burg”.

Mendelssohn Symphony 5 Sample pages


Andante and five variations, KV 501, W. A. Mozart
Originally written for four hand piano, these variations were easily adapted for the organ; with registration suggestions.

Mozart Variations Sample pages


Serenade in D, No. 6 (Serenata Notturna), KV 239, W. A. Mozart
Originally written for two contrasting string ensembles and timpani, this 3-movement composition works well on the organ.

Mozart Serenade Sample Pages


Studies for the Pedal Piano, Six pieces in canon, Opus 56, Robert Schumann
This transcription allows the canon to be played on different manuals, accompanied on a third manual. While the canon sometimes gets buried in the original setting, it becomes much easier to hear in this arrangement.

Schumann Canons Sample pages