PLU Staff Council (formerly the Administrative Staff Council): History, Purpose, Organization and Bylaws

Revised February 1, 2012


The Administrative/Staff Council was established February 7, 1992 to provide a forum to share ideas, address concerns, and be an advocate body for Pacific Lutheran University administrative and staff employees.


The purpose of the council shall be to serve as a communication link between all levels of non-faculty employees, and between non-faculty employees and other members of the university and community including students, faculty, and administrative leaders. The council shall provide a forum for staff to share ideas and raise concerns and to make recommendations regarding such issues.


Executive Officers
The officers of the council shall consist of two Co-Chairpersons (serving on staggered terms if possible), Secretary Treasurer, Publicity & Website Manager.

The Council Assembly
The Council Assembly shall consist of thirteen members. One elected staff representative and one elected administrative representative shall serve on the council representing the following divisions:  Admission & Enrollment Services; Development & University Relations; Finance & Operations; Office of the Provost; and Student Life. In addition, due to a large number of employees, Facilities Management, Dining & Culinary Services, and Information & Technology Services will each elect an additional staff representative.

The General Assembly (The ASC Constituents)
The General Assembly of the Council shall consist of the Council and all non-faculty employees of Pacific Lutheran University.



Section A:  Purpose
The purpose of the Executive Officers of the council shall be to provide leadership for the council, initiate any interaction with the President and Officers, assure execution of council proposals, and formally represent the interests all non-faculty employees in university business.

Section B:  Authorities and Powers
The officers of the council shall have such authority and power as is necessary to provide leadership, but shall remain subject to the final authority of the council in consultation with the President and Officers of the university.

Section C:  Qualifications
The council officers shall be members of the council, previously employed for one year prior in a capacity of one-half time or more.

Section D:  Duties

Subsection 1: Co-Chairpersons
The Co-Chairpersons shall be responsible for maintaining the process of communication among, and representation to, the President and Officers.  The Co-Chairpersons shall preside over council meetings and general assemblies unless a question is raised over the Co-Chairpersons’ roles.

Subsection 2:  Secretary
The Secretary shall write and distribute all minutes of the council meetings and general assembly forums.  A copy of the minutes shall be sent to each council member, and to the President and Officers of the university.

Subsection 3: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall oversee all council finances.  The Treasurer shall present a financial statement to the council as requested.

Subsection 4:  Publicity and Website Manager
The Publicity and Website Manger shall be responsible for all publicity for the council, and for announcing general assembly forums. In addition, he/she will be responsible for managing and updating the ASC website ( and keeping all online information current. The Website Manager also should periodically check the Council email account ( and respond appropriately to questions and inquires in a timely manner..

Section E:  Terms of Office
The term of the Council officers shall be one year from June 1 until May 31. Each officer may be re-elected according to the election guidelines.

Section F:  Vacancies
In case of vacancy in the position of Co-Chairperson, a person shall be elected for the remainder of the term from the ranks of the council and approved by the council.  If the position of Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Manager, or Website Manager is vacant, the Co-Chairpersons shall appoint a replacement from the ranks of the council for the remainder of the term.


Section A:  Purpose
The purpose of the council members shall be to represent the interests of the employees from each respective representative area.

Section B:  Authorities and Powers
The council shall have such authority and power as is necessary to represent the interests of non-faculty employees and to provide input and recommendations to the President and Officers of the university.

Section C:  Qualifications
Each member of the Council shall be currently employed by the university, and shall have been for one year or more in a position that was deemed at least one-half time employment.  An employee who holds the position of director and reports directly to a vice president or the President, and/or an employee who has faculty status with voting rights shall not be eligible to serve as a member of the council.

Section D:  Compensation
Each council member shall be given release time of two hours per month to serve on the Council.

Section E:  Meetings
The Council shall meet no less than once monthly during the year to execute council business.  Special meetings may be called by the Council Co-Chairpersons.

Section F:  Attendance
Each member is expected to attend the council meetings.  If a council member knows s/he will be absent, the member is to notify the Council Co-Chairpersons.  Any member who does not attend three consecutive meetings will be provided, in writing, the opportunity to step down from his or her position.  If the Secretary does not receive a response within five days of the written notice, the member will be informed, in writing, that his/her position will be immediately put forth for election.

Section H:  Duties
The duties of the council members are to provide input from their respective constituents, survey and collect opinions from constituents and report such opinions back to the Council on a monthly basis. Council members are responsible for sending out monthly updates to constituents that include meeting minutes. Council members are also appointed or elected to sit on university committees. Council members shall vote to approve all council business.

Section I:  Terms of Office
The term of office for each Council member is two years starting June 1 after the elections.  Each council member shall serve for a maximum of two terms in an eight year period.

Section J:  Vacancies
In case of any mid-term vacancies, a new representative holding the same status of staff or administrator as the person vacating, shall be elected by ballot or nominated and approved by council members to complete the term.  Election procedures shall follow Article IV, Subsections 1 & 2.


Section A:  University Committees
As requested by the President and/or other university groups, the council shall make appropriate provisions for membership and/or representation on university committees. Representatives whose terms on the council have ended but still serve on committees, will continue to report back to the council as requested regarding their respective assignments.

Section B:  Committee Appointments
Council members may volunteer to serve on committees or be appointed by the Co-Chairpersons.

Section C:  Committee Elections
The Council shall elect members of standing committees, and elect members to ad hoc committees as necessary.


Section A:  Regular Elections
The Co-Chairpersons of the Council, in consultation with the Council, shall conduct all elections for council members.  The Co-Chairpersons, in consultation with the Council, shall determine a timetable for elections.  Annual elections must be completed by May 15.

Subsection 1:  Nominations
Nominations shall be made from among eligible non-faculty employees within the respective representative area and according to the status of the open position.  Nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to serve on the Council.  Verification of eligibility of nominees is to be made with Human Resource Services.  See Article II, Section C for eligibility requirements.

Subsection 2:  Ballots and Voting
A direct mailing (individual labels) of ballots shall go to employees eligible to vote according to the representative area and position opening.  The employees shall be requested to return the ballots in one week. The Co-Chairpersons shall tally the ballots.  The candidate receiving the most votes shall be the new representative for that division.

Subsection 3:  Notification
The Co-Chairpersons shall notify each candidate and the Council of the results of all elections.


Section A:  Officers
A recall petition by four council members from two or more representative areas must be presented to the council at a regular meeting.  The case for recall shall be presented.  A recall vote shall be taken by written ballot.  A non-officer council member not signing the petition shall coordinate the voting.  A recall requires the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the council to be valid.

Section B:  Council Members
A recall petition containing the signatures of one-fourth of the employees from a member’s representative area shall be presented to the Council at one of its regular meetings.  The case for a recall vote shall be presented by those initiating the recall.  At the meeting the recall vote shall be taken by written ballot.  A recall requires the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the council to be valid.


All financial matters shall be approved by the Council.  The budget shall be developed and administered by the Treasurer.


These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Council in consultation with the President and Officers of the university.