Every month the council meets to offer updates regarding committees on which PLUSC members serve.  If you have questions or concerns related to any of the issues addressed in the meeting minutes or otherwise, please feel free to contact your PLUSC representative.

Benefits Committee members meet to review and make changes to faculty and staff benefits’ packages.

Committee Chair:  Teri PhillipsChief Operating Officer, w/Aileen Ochinang
PLUSC Representatives:  Susana Weisinger, Misty Berlin

The Budget Advisory Committee reviews and makes changes to how the university spends money and allocates funds to various projects, buildings, and maintenance requests across campus.  This committee meets once per month and is scheduled through Administrative Services.

Committee Chair:  Allan Belton – President, w/Julie Mix
PLUSC Representatives:  Kelly Gaspar Poth, Andy Foltz

Committee Chair:  PLUSC
PLUSC Representative:  Cassandra Kopriva

PLUSC has representatives who sit on the Christmas Luncheon Planning Committee.  This committee is run by Human Resources and meets at least twice in preparation for the December luncheon.

Committee Chair:  Gretchen HowellDirector of Human Resources
PLUSC Representatives:  Sasha Mann, Sandy Hensley

PLU employees nominate one another for the Distinguished Staff Awards which are presented at the Christmas Luncheon in December.  This committee reviews the nominations and selects the distinguished staff members who the Director of Human Resources will then share with the President’s Council to finalize the award recipients.

Committee Chair:  Gretchen Howell -Director of Human Resources
PLUSC Representatives:  Sasha Mann, Jayne Berglund

Habitat for Humanity

PLU staff and students volunteer with Tacoma Pierce County Habitat for Humanity to build decent and affordable homes in safe communities for area families. A PLUSC representative assists to coordinate volunteers for build days.

Committee Chair: Kristin Menson
PLUSC Representative: 

The Long Range Planning Committee studies and analyzes key issues and recommends policy regarding future directions and priorities of the university.  Committee members are responsible for discussing issues and topics of importance related to the recommendations set forth in the current long-range planning report (e.g., PLU 2020).

Committee Chair:  Allan Belton – President
PLUSC Representative:  Cassandra Kopriva, Jayne Berglund

The Parking Committee meets regularly to discuss parking policy and the needs of the PLU community in regards to campus parking.

Committee Chair:  Tom Huelsbeck, Associate Vice President for Campus Life
PLUSC Representatives:  Kevin Ramsdell, Luke Ruiz

The Parking Appeals committee meets once per month (except in the beginning of the year when there is a high frequency of appeals, they will meet as needed to process all appeals). The ASPLU Vice-President coordinates all meetings and typically the committee meets in the ASPLU conference room. Please note that this committee reviews parking appeals and differs from the Parking committee.

Committee Chair:  ASPLU Vice President
PLUSC Representatives:  Kevin Ramsdell, Cassandra Kopriva

One PLUSC representative sits on this committee; the general purpose of the committee is to serve as plan fiduciaries on behalf of the University and to manage plan operations and investments.

Committee Chair:  Teri Phillips – Chief Operating Officer
PLUSC Representative:  June Ellis

A fun and informative event typically is held in October and is an opportunity for staff to meet their PLUSC representative and learn about what the PLUSC does and what are the current initiatives.

Committee Chair:  PLUSC

PLUSC is a proud sponsor of PLU’s Veteran’s Day Celebration in November to honor all veterans within our community. This event traditionally includes music, a keynote speaker, a photo slideshow of veterans, PLU’s Army ROTC color guard, and concludes with a food and beverage reception.

Committee Chair: ROTC, PLUSC, Campus Ministry, Michael Farnum

Members of this committee prepare and send welcome packets to non-faculty employees new to PLU. The packets include information about PLU services and events available to employees as well as introducing the PLUSC representatives and identifying areas and committees in which the PLUSC representatives are involved.

PLUSC Representative:  June Ellis

Committee Chair: Kristin Menson