Engage Ambassadors

Engage Ambassador team working for Student Engagement

Paige Balut

Engage Ambassador for Research and Assessment

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Sophia Barro

Engage Ambassador for Outreach

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Armanda Dupont

Engage Ambassador for Marketing and Logistics

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Kayna Kliewer

Engage Ambassador for Community and Vocation

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Raven Lirio

Engage Ambassador for Community and Vocation

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Marae Tidwell

Engage Ambassador for Access, Leadership and Inclusion (ALI)

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Tom Huelsbeck

Associate Vice-President for Campus Life

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Jes Takla

Assistant Dean for Campus Life; Co-Curricular Learning & Assessment

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Tina M. Muller

Associate Director of Student Engagement

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Kassi McNeilly

Student Engagement Coordinator

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Pamela Rice

Administrative and Programs Assistant

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