Department of Art & Design

Concepts are rapidly changing. New media is emerging daily. Because of this, a wide variety of experiences and creative flexibility for the artist and the designer must be emphasized. Students with professional concerns must be prepared to meet the modern world with both technical skills and capacity for innovation.

The art and design programs at PLU stress individualized development in the use of mind and hand.

An art student at PLU is able to chart their own path through a variety of artistic styles and media. Students use methods ranging from a ten thousand-year-old technique to make pots to cutting-edge and industry standard technology to generate high-tech computer images. Art history, theory and study away courses engage students in critical analysis of major artistic movements from the prehistoric to contemporary world.

Classes are small. Students receive individualized attention from professors and peers, and are able to focus their concentration.

The faculty believes individuality, creativity and freedom of expression are central to the welfare of a democratic and enlightened society.


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