Non-Emergency Messaging

PLU Community Safety Information – For incidents that occur near campus that pose a safety concern, but not a direct threat to the community. The alert will be sent out via PLU Alert (to text and email only). There is no additional safety measures instituted with this messaging. These notifications can range from severe weather incidents to information about police response activity in the Parkland neighborhood.

Emergency Messaging

There are two types of emergency messages:

Stay in Place –  For incidents adjacent to campus that pose an immediate threat to the community. The incident is violent in nature and creates a strong likelihood that the perpetrator could come onto campus to avoid apprehension or continue their actions. Full PLU Alert and loudspeaker notification. The exterior doors to campus will be turned to card swipe access only. People are encouraged to stay indoors.

Lock Down – For incidents on campus that pose an immediate threat to the community. The incident is violent in nature and requires the campus community to secure themselves as quickly as possible. Full PLU Alert and loudspeaker notification. All exterior doors are locked and interior card swipe doors will lock. People are encouraged to stay secured and remain quiet.

After each type of message additional information on the incident and/or instructions will be posted on the PLU Alerts page (link located on main menu to the left).

Securing Campus Facilities

If there is a reported incident that poses a threat to the campus community the Campus Safety department can initiate an emergency message to the campus community and begin to secure the entire campus. Our notification system includes an outdoor speaker system and a text message, voice message to cell phone, voice message to an office phone and an email message relaying the emergency information. All students and staff are automatically listed in the emergency notification database.

Securing campus buildings is done in two levels.

Incident near campus

Stay in Place – The exterior doors will be turned to card swipe access only allowing for access by PLU community members only. Students and staff will continue with business as usual inside the building. The next class will not begin until the campus emergency status has been cleared.

Incident on or adjacent to campus

Lock Down – The exterior doors will be locked. No one will be able to access the building. Students and staff will be directed to secure themselves in the nearest room and remain until the emergency has been cleared. Occupants should close window blinds and try to remain quiet.

Stay in Place vs. Lock Down chart - Stay in place directions: buildings are turned to card swipe access only, continue with classes/work as normal, window blinds may remain open and interior doors unlocked, non-card access buildings are manually locked, remain in building/classroom until advised, increase alertness and be ready for status updates via PLU alert, if outside, seek safety indoors, access is available at card swipe buildings. Lock Down directions: all buildings are locked manually and via card swipe No access, secure yourself in classroom office or other interior space, close blinds cover windows and be quiet (cell phones to silent), activity within classrooms/offices should cease, remain secured until status has changed, incident updates will come via PLU alert, if outside seek safety leave campus, hide or run away.

More information on campus emergency response can be found at the  PLU Emergency Programs Page