When stormy weather creates hazardous travel conditions, university students and employees are urged to use caution when traveling.

During inclement weather, please exercise caution while walking from parking lots, transit locations and on pathways to and around campus. Wearing non-slip, rubber-sole footwear until you arrive at your destination is recommended, as is walking on grass instead of sidewalks or roadways if they are icy. Facilities Management concentrates clearing efforts on the interior pathways of campus first, parking lots are addressed only after other areas are clear and safe. Please be very careful.

Closure and Delay Announcements

In extreme weather situations, classes may be canceled and/or the university may be closed or have a delayed start. A determination will be made by 6 a.m. for morning and afternoon classes or activities, and by 1 p.m. for evening classes and activities. Campus is considered open unless otherwise specified. The PLU community will be notified of any delays, closures, or updates through the following methods: The PLU homepage (, the campus closure hotline at 877-322-0872, and which notifies local television and radio stations. In emergency closure situations with short notice, you may also receive a PLUAlert! text message.

Weather Closure Announcement

  • Avoid travel to campus unless you are an “Essential Employee”
    • If you reside on campus, or have to work, limit outdoor exposure
    • Walk in grassy areas as much as possible, paved areas will be slippery until treated.
  • Classes are cancelled
    • Faculty may provide instructions for students to complete coursework from home
  • Majority of university offices closed
  • Essential Services remain in operation on a limited basis
    • Facilities Management (prioritizes pathway clearing, deicing)
    • Campus Safety (driving escort shuttle service suspended – all other services available)
    • Dining Services (may have reduced/limited hours)
  • Residence Halls remain open and functioning
  • Other services may be available on limited case by case basis:
    • Names Fitness Center
    • Mortvedt Library

Delayed Start Announcement

  • Offices open and classes begin at designated time, usually 10:00 am
  • Attend whichever class was scheduled to be in session when the university opens
    • Example: If your Writing 101 class was scheduled from 8:30 am to 11:20 am, you would arrive for that class at 10:00 am
  • Activities beginning after 10:00 am start as scheduled
  • Essential Services remain in operation on a limited basis prior to campus opening
    • Faculties Management
    • Campus Safety
    • Dining Services (may have adjusted hours)

Additional Information

Personal Preparedness

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to keep personal emergency kits in their vehicle, residence hall room, or office. A flashlight, food/water, hygiene items, and other supplies should be included in your kit. If you commute to campus, it is recommended that you include a sleeping bag and overnight bag in the event that you need to utilize emergency PLU housing.

More information on personal Preparedness and emergency kit ideas can be found here.

In the event of a cancellation/closure or late start, communicate this information to your students by email, Sakai message, or by leaving an alternate greeting on your voice-mail extension, as soon as possible; when possible, please inform your students in advance of the closure about which mode of communication you will utilize in such an event so they know where to find that information. Refer to the web link procedures to change a voicemail greeting.  Faculty should also inform students about how (and how often) they will communicate with them in the event of continued closures (e.g., with syllabus updates, assignment modifications)

Commuter students or employees needing temporary housing during hazardous weather may contact Campus Safety at 253-535-7441. Students will be offered a temporary stay in an empty residence hall room or lounge. You will need to supply your own bedding.