The PLU campus utilizes two security levels for imminent or immediate threats to the campus community. These two security levels are called “Stay in Place” and “Lock Down”. When activated, these incidents are considered emergencies for the entire campus. It is essential that all students, staff, faculty, and visitors familiarize themselves with emergency procedures for security level situations. It is also important to be able to differentiate between the two security levels.

Campus Safety may initiate a campus-wide emergency lock down when there is an imminent threat to the PLU community. Occupants may also initiate a lock down to protect themselves from a perceived threat. If you see a threat requiring a lock down, move to safety first, then call Campus Safety at 7911 from a campus phone or 253-535-7911 from a mobile phone. Some buildings also have blue lock down pull stations that can be activated.

Campus Safety may initiate a campus-wide stay in place order when there is a potential threat near the PLU community, but is not an imminent threat. If you see suspicious activity requiring a stay in place order, move to safety first, then call Campus Safety at 7911 from a campus phone or 253-535-7911 from a mobile phone.

Lock Down

If you see or hear a PLU Alert message indicating a lockdown, do the following:

  • Share the alert message, if safe to do so. to those in your immediate area. Use judgment about the safety of doing so.
  • Move to a secure area, if it is safe to do so:
    • If you are inside: Move to a secure room such as a classroom or office. Lock or barricade the door, close the window shades, and turn off the lights. Get low on the ground and move to the least visible area of the room.
    • If you are outside: Move away from campus as quickly as possible, stay low, and hide behind natural concealment such as foliage, vehicles, and structures. Be aware that all campus buildings will be locked and your LuteCard will not unlock any doors.
  • Stay calm, quiet, low, and out of sight.
  • Silence your mobile phone and disable vibration alerts.
  • Do not open any doors for any reason until an “all clear” signal is given by PLU Alert or uniformed officers.
  • Do not call Campus Safety or other departments to request information. Important information will be broadcast using PLU Alert.
  • If you have specific information about an ongoing threat, call 911 from a mobile phone or 9911 from a campus phone to inform responding agencies.
  • Do not approach or talk to officers unless they tell you to do so. Officers are highly trained to find and stop the threat before aiding victims.
  • Assess the situation and be prepared to move.
    • Be alert if the fire alarm is activated. It may indicate that there is a fire in the building requiring evacuation. It may also be triggered by an attacker in order to draw a crowd into a target area. Use your best judgment and be ready to move if necessary.

During a lock down, designated personnel in each building will lock doors that are not controlled by the LuteCard access system. LuteCard access doors will be locked remotely for all cards.

Stay in Place

If you see or hear a PLU Alert message indicating a Stay in Place order, do the following:

  • Move to a secure building:
    • If you are outside, move into the nearest building. The doors will be locked, but you may use your LuteCard to get inside. If you do not have a LuteCard, leave campus and seek safety.
    • If you are in a vehicle or in a parking lot, use your best judgement and consider where the activity is occurring. You may decide to get inside of the nearest building, stay in your vehicle, drive to another part of campus, or drive away from campus and wait.
    • If you are inside, make sure that the external building doors are closed and locked. Internal doors may remain unlocked.
  • Continue with classes/business as usual. You do not need to close the window shades or turn off the lights. When a class period or meeting ends, stay inside and do not leave the building until an “all clear” signal is given.
  • Do not call Campus Safety to request information. Remain alert to changing conditions and be ready for updates from PLU Alert.