Courses that Fulfill General Education Program Elements (GenEd)

Abbreviations denote those courses which fulfill the General Education Program Elements (GenEd).

  1. Embracing the Life of the Mind: First-Year Experience
    • First-Year Inquiry Seminar (F)
    • First-Year Writing Seminar (FW)
    • Writing (WR)
  2. Engaging Arts and Performances
    • Art, Music or Theatre (AR)
    • Physical Education Activity (PE)
  3. Interpreting Living Traditions for a Humane Future
    • Literature (LT)
    • Philosophy (PH)
    • Religion: Christian Traditions (RC)
    • Religion: Global Religious Traditions (RG)
  4. Exploring Nature and Number
    • Mathematical Reasoning (MR)
    • Natural Sciences, Computer Science, or Mathematics (NS)
    • Science and Scientific Method (SM)
  5. Investigating Human Behavior, Culture, and Institutions
    • Social Sciences (SO)
  6. Encountering Perspectives on Diversity
    • Alternative Perspectives (A)
    • Cross-Cultural Perspectives (C)
  7. Producing and Presenting Culminating Scholarship:
    • Capstone: Senior Seminar/Project (SR)
  8. International Honors Program
    • International Honors 100-Level (H1)
    • International Honors 200-Level (H2)
    • International Honors 300-Level (H3)