Where Faith and Nursing Unite for Holistic Healing!

Parish Nurse's hands in prayer

 Discover a higher calling in healthcare with our Faith Community Nursing course. Are you a registered nurse with a strong spiritual faith, seeking to deepen your impact? Join us on a transformative journey where health and faith converge. Our course empowers you to merge the art of nursing with the essence of spirituality, enabling you to become a beacon of healing within your faith community. Nurturing both the body and the soul, our program equips you with the knowledge and skills to serve your community’s unique needs. Embrace a path that is not just about nursing, but about fulfilling a sacred mission. Enroll today and bridge the gap between health and faith, guiding those in need on their journey to holistic well-being.

Please reach out to ccnl@plu.edu if you need assistance.


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Course website: https://sakai.plu.edu/portal


Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum: Participant Guide 2019 Revision: Jacob, Susan R

Faith Community Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice | ANA