Dean Waldow's Research Group

A special thanks to the following  sponsoring organizations…
Current Funding:

  • National Science Foundation
    • Research in Undergraduate Institutions Program, “RUI: Dicarboximide-functionalized Oxanorbornyl Homopolymers and Diblock Copolymers for Use as Solid Polymer Electrolytes,” NSF-DMR 1710549, 2017 to 2020.

Past Funding:

  • National Science Foundation
    • Division of Materials Science – Research in Undergraduate Institutions Awards (PI) #1006250 (PI),  #0705520 (PI)
    • Major Research Instrumentation (DMR) – Acquisition of an AFM, #0619826 (PI)
    • Major Research Instrumentation (Chemistry) – Acquisition of an NMR, #0723226 (coPI)
    • Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Award (PI)
    • Advanced Research Infrastructure Award (PI)




PLU Funding:
I am also grateful to PLU for various funding opportunities including Regency Advancement Awards and the Natural Sciences Division Undergraduate Research Program that have been beneficial to my research students and research program.