Dean Waldow's Research Group


My teaching load generally consists of physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and instrumental analysis. Sometimes I teach in the general chemistry area as well or other areas as department needs arise.

Courses I have taught include:

  • Chem 115, Gen Chem I and Lab
  • Chem 116, Gen Chem II and Lab
  • Chem 341, Physical Chemistry I
  • Chem 343, Physical Chemistry I Lab
  • Chem 342, Physical Chemistry II
  • Chem 344, Physical Chemistry II Lab
  • Chem 410, Introduction to Research
  • Chem 420, Instrumental Analysis
  • Chem 456, Polymers and Biopoymers
  • Chem 497, Student Research
  • Chem 499, Senior Capstone Seminar
  • Open Laboratory (in our past lower division lab structure)