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By John P Rosenberg
Interim Director for Congregational Engagement

PLU’s Office for Congregational Engagement is a co-sponsor of the Seeking Shalom Conference 2017, a day of ecumenical examination of what it means to “be Christ” (Luther) in a changing world.

The all-day conference will take place on July 29th at Mountain View Lutheran Church in Edgewood. Join us for a full day of inspiring music and compelling presentations from Shane Claiborne, Leanor Ortega Till, Andrew Root, and Randy Woodley.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, discipleship isn’t easy and lots of things compete for our attention and allegiance. What does it mean to follow Christ rather than simply learn about him? How much does it cost to live in the unique way that Christ calls us to? How do we cultivate community in a way that impacts our lifestyles, our priorities, and our very way of being? Seeking Shalom 2017 is for anyone looking for answers to these questions, e.g., ordinary Christians; youth along with their parents, leaders, mentors, and Sunday School teachers; young adults, community organizers, teachers, coaches, pastors, and role models. Mark your calendar and go to the conference website for more information and to register.

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Learn more about the Seeking Shalom Conference and remember to register!