Academic Credit

Credit offered by PLU for which the student can receive an official institutional grade and transcript.  Credit is eligible for transfer and is determined at a ratio of 15 hours of class instruction to one academic credit.

Clock Hours

A 50-60 minute span of actual class instruction time. Usually for educators, with provider approval.

Contact Hours

A contact hour is a 60-minute span of time of actual class instruction. This is nursing education, with provider approval.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

A CEU is a unit of measure for non-credit activities equal to ten contact hours of participation.

Graduate Level Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Education credit offered by PLU to students who are receiving a grade letter but are not receiving academic credit and may be accepted as elective credit towards graduate programs as determined by the department/school.


A course or program offered without the opportunity to earn academic credit from the institution.  Course or program that is non-credit may be eligible for CEU or contact hours.