PLU Alert!

Emergency Messages for the Safety of the PLU Community

PLU Campus Safety is on-duty 24/7, constantly monitoring campus. In the event of a campus-wide incident or emergency, Campus Safety will activate the PLU Alert! Emergency Alert System.

How it Works

In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of the campus community, messages will be sent simultaneously to cell phone text and voice, work phone voice, PLU email addresses, indoor help stations, and outdoor loudspeakers.

Each message sent via phone, text, and email will conclude with a request for confirmation of receipt. Emergency messages will repeat until you confirm receipt.

An emergency message from PLU will always begin with “PLU Alert!”. The message will briefly describe the emergency, provide instructions of what to do and refer you to sources of further information.

Update Your Contact Information

To ensure that you receive emergency messages where you want them, check Banner to see that your contact information is current by visiting Click on “Enter Secure Area”, log into Banner, click on “Personal Information”, view or edit your contact information.

  • Be sure to put all seven digits of your cell phone number in the “Phone Number” box. Do not put the last four digits in the “Extension” box.
  • Enter your cell phone number in the cell phone field. You will not get text messages if your cell phone is only listed in the home phone field.
  • Do not use spaces or dashes when entering phone numbers.
  • The system cannot dial international phone numbers.

Opt-Out Procedure

If you do not wish to have emergency messages sent to your cell phone, you may opt-out (not recommended) by selecting “Notifications and Preferences”, then “PLU Alert! Emergency Notification Preference” and then selecting the “Update PLU Alert Emergency Notification Preference” at the bottom of the page. If you change your mind, you may opt back in at any time.

You will continue to receive PLU Alert! message to your PLU email and work phone even if your cell phone is opted out.

It is not necessary to opt-in to receive these emergency messages. Your personal and professional contact information in Banner is automatically added to the emergency message system distribution list.