HILARY VO (2018)
10th Grade English Teacher and Mentor
Summit Public Schools: Tamalpais High School, Richmond, CA

  • Majors: English (Writing Concentration) and Classics
  • Graduate Degree: Masters of Education, University of the Pacific (2019)

How did your English major establish a foundation for your career path?

If you ask any of the hundreds of students I have taught over the last five years what my “jam” is, they would all say: poetry. Or they would say some variation of reading, writing, and celebrating my students. The passion for the craft of poetry is something that I shied away from in high school, for fear of sounding cliche or corny. It wasn’t until my first poetry course at PLU that I really discovered a devotion and reverence for writing.

What do you love about your job?

My favorite part about teaching is seeing the enthusiasm develop as we explore
different genres, and ultimately trying to convince them that reading and writing is super fun and cool! The most rewarding part is the end-of-the-year showcases where the students share the work they have created over the years, and some of them even admit that they enjoyed learning in my class!

What was your favorite part about majoring in English?

My favorite part of majoring in English was the extremely talented and supportive professors and faculty that allowed me to develop my voice and craft. Without their support I would not be able to share the same fervor and excitement with the students I am currently teaching.

Hilary pointing at whiteboard