Experiential Learning

Your Environmental Studies major will include an experiential component, which might mean an internship, research with faculty, a volunteer opportunity, or an environmental focus in employment.

If you would like to find and apply for an internship, you can get started at the pages maintained by PLU’s Academic Internships Office. If you want to receive Environmental Studies course credit for your internship, you should also consult the program’s internship guidelines and contact the Environmental Studies Chair. For your internship to count, you must have a learning agreement signed by your faculty sponsor and your internship supervisor before starting your internship experience.

If you would prefer to fulfill your experiential learning requirement with a volunteer, research, or other employment opportunity, you are very welcome to do so, and Environmental Studies faculty would be very happy to talk with you about options and possibilities.

Majors must complete at least 80 hours of their experiential learning activity before taking ENVT 498, which is normally taken in the fall of one’s senior year. To register for 498, you will need to demonstrate that you have completed or have plans to complete this activity.

To be successful, you are encouraged to keep a journal of your activities and thoughts during your experience. Include descriptions of your work, connections you make to your coursework, reflections on your professional interests and strengths. Collect any documents, photos and contact information for later reference.

Download the ENVT Experiential Learning Activity Handout here.