Topics in French/Francophone Cultures

The language of instruction of these courses is English. No French is required if you enroll in the course at the 200 level. French 301 is the prerequisite for enrolling in the course at the 300 level. Both courses count for the Global Education and Values & Worldviews core General Education elements.

French 210/310: French History, Culture, Society – GE, VW

An introduction to a decisive episode in French history; to an iconic aspect of French culture; or to social issues in contemporary France. Most recently taught as the Urban History of Paris, seen through the métro.

French 211/311: Francophone Africa in Global Context – GE, VW

An introduction to the study of Francophone Africa and African Diasporas with a focus on (post)colonial development. French 211/311 counts as an elective for the Global Studies major (Development and Social Justice concentration).