Guidelines and Policies

Anyone wishing to use vertebrate animals in their teaching or research must have their projects reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This includes animals used in field studies. No teaching or research project may proceed until a proposal is submitted for IACUC review and approval. Click to download a PDF or Word version of the IACUC Protocol for Animal Use and Care.

Protocols should be submitted to Dr. Jacob Egge, IACUC Chair, in electronic form. Protocols may be submitted at any time and applicants should assume at least 10 days turnaround time for a response. Following review, a hard copy of the protocol, with the signature of the supervising faculty member, should be filed with the IACUC chair. Full meetings of the Committee occur at the end of each term.

All personnel utilizing vertebrate animals must be listed on the proposal and receive appropriate training as outlined by the IACUC. Prior to initiating any investigation, all individuals must complete the CITI Program’s “Working with the IACUC” module and any other required courses specific to the proposed research or teaching.

For additional information about PLU’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, please e-mail the IACUC Chair.

Steps for submitting and implementing a protocol:

  1. Submit an IACUC Protocol for Animal Care and Use (see above links) form (renewed every three years as necessary). Once the protocol is approved, steps 2 and 3 need to be completed.
  2. The CITI online training program must be completed by anyone working on the protocol. Training must be renewed every 3 years. Return the printout confirming successful completion to the IACUC Chair.
  3. OHS Education and Medical Evaluation: