Videos Spotlighting the Master of Science in Kinesiology

Supportive Faculty

In this video, Matt Leslie, a graduate of PLU’s Master of Kinesiology, talks about how personalized connections with faculty create a supportive learning environment.

Passionate Faculty

PLU faculty are experienced and passionate about Kinesiology. In this video, Master of Science in Kinesiology graduate Faith Heimlich talks about how the faculty’s success in the field of Kinesiology motivated her to become the best she could be.

Diverse Student Background

Students in the Master of Science in Kinesiology program come from different educational backgrounds. In this video, MSK graduate Matt Leslie describes how students shared ideas and perspectives in the program.

Earn Your MSK at PLU

Ranked by Niche as the top Kinesiology department in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest, PLU brings a tradition of excellence to the Master of Science degree. The program combines a rigorous academic experience with real-world, relevant, and impactful applications to address critical gaps in Kinesiology training and practice. Through coursework, mentoring support, and an applied project, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to become effective evidence-based practitioners who can enhance their careers while positively impacting those they serve.