NAIS Courses J-Term 2022

Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies

This course meets the (A) Alternative Perspectives requirement and the first year J-term requirement, and is a required core course for the NAIS minor. The J-term will be a mix of on-line and in person learning. We’ll meet Tuesdays and Thursdays in person, and students will have assignments to complete on-line M/W/F. We’ll be focusing on what it means to do decolonizing scholarship, and how Indigenous studies supports the work of cultural reclamation. We’ll be working closely with Blackfeet elder Leon Rattler, who will be joining us during the month, and students will be working on a project to support Leon’s work in Blackfeet cultural education.

Sami Film of the Indigenous North

This course meets the (C) Cross Cultural Perspectives requirement and the first year J-term requirement, and is an elective for the NAIS minor. By studying film, video, and television created by this Indigenous Arctic people, students will be introduced to the Sámi of northern Scandinavia and Russia, and will develop an understanding of Sámi culture, history, and worldviews as well as of contemporary issues concerning the Sámi and other Indigenous peoples and how film can express and address these issues.

NAIS Courses Spring 2022

Southern Lushootseed

This spring, students have the opportunity to study Southern Lushootseed. This is a wonderful opportunity, and not to be missed! This course will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30. We have not been able to offer this course every year, so do make sure to take this opportunity to learn about the Indigenous language of southern Puget Sound. The class provides the fundamentals of sound system, grammar, and basic speaking and listening comprehension, as well as cultural dynamics of the language and its users.


This one-credit course meets once weekly on Thursday afternoons to discuss progress, challenges, and the intersection of Indigenous approaches and the university experience. Students are encouraged to attend for no credit in subsequent semesters!