Planning Team

Special Thank You


The following individuals are recognized for their extraordinary assistance and counsel in planning for the 2012 symposium.

Loren J. Anderson, President, Pacific Lutheran University

Joel E. Baker, Port of Tacoma Chair, Environmental Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma

Cameron D. Bennett, Dean School of Arts and Communication, Pacific Lutheran University

Board of Directors, The Thor Heyerdahl Institute, Knut Phil, Chair

Beate Bjørge, Master of Management, Thor Heyerdahl Institute

Jeffrey A. Clapp, Theater Department, Pacific Lutheran University

Deirdre McGoldrick, Provost’s Office, Pacific Lutheran University

Teri Tingvall Moore, Executive Director, Development Office, Pacific Lutheran University

David P. Robbins, Chair, Department of Music, Pacific Lutheran University

Geoffrey M. Smythe, Environmental Services, City of Tacoma

Bill Stafford, Past President, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

Steven P. Starkovich, Provost, Pacific Lutheran University

Robert M. Wells, Communications Department, Pacific Lutheran University

George Weyerhaeuser


Charles Bergman, English Department

Chrissy Cooley, Sustainability Coordinator

Peter Davis, Geosciences Department

Jacob Egge, Biology Department

Peter Grosvenor, Political Science Department

Rose McKenney, Environmental Studies Department

Kevin O’Brien, Religion Department

Ksenija Simic-Muller, Mathematics Department

Nicole Sheer, Residence Life

Sheri Tonn, Finance and Operations


Chris Albert, Content Development Specialist, University Communications

Toby Beal, Director of Web Development, University Communications

Greg Brewis, Executive Director, University Communications

Barbara Clements, Director of Content Development, University Communications

Emily Dooley, Program Coordinator, Development

Briana Frenchmore ’13, Sojourner Advocate, Wang Center

Janet Groehren, Senior Associate to the Vice President, Development

Lauralee Hagen, Executive Director, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Kirk Isakson, Director, Multimedia Services

Emily Isensee, Executive Associate to the President, President’s Office

Sumerlin Larsen, Associate Director, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Kristen Lee, Sojourner Advocate, Class of 2012

Erin McGinnis, Director, Dining and Culinary Services

Becca Nichols ’13, Sustainability Technician

Ginger Peck, Director, Auxiliary Services

Laura Polcyn, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Special Academic Programs, Office of the Provost

Cyndi Ris, Event Services Manager, Conferences and Events

Amy Robbins, Coordinator, Multimedia Services

Simon Sung, Art Director, University Communications

Vicky Winters, Director of Administration, President’s Office

Susan Young, Director, Scandinavian Culture Center


Neal Sobania, Executive Director

Patricia Bieber, Business and Records Coordinator

Pam Deacon-Joyner, India Consultant

Carmen Eyssautier, Study Away Advisor and Assessment Coordinator

Megan Grover, Manager, Short-Term Study Away Programs

Allyson Lindsley, Senior Administrative Assistant & Immigration Specialist

Tanya Ulsted, Manager, Gateway and Long-term Study Away Programs