Program Schedule

Thursday, February 23

4-5:15 p.m.

Opening Student Session – Regency Room, University Center (UC)

7-8:45 p.m.

The Inaugural PLU Norwegian-American Annual Lecture: “The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle For the Right to Water” – Lagerquist Concert Hall, MBR

Speaker (keynote): Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and chair of the Washington-based Food and Water Watch.

Friday, February 24

9:15-10:20 a.m. – Concurrent Session 1

1A) “Capturing Microplastic Debris in Puget Sound and Neighboring Waters” – Regency Room, UC

Speaker: Julie Masura, faculty and research scientist, environmental science, Center for Urban Water, University of Washington Tacoma

1B) “Science on the Sea: Get Your feet Wet and ‘Discover by Doing'” – Room 201, UC

Speakers: Jan Adams, Foss Waterway Seaport Museum; Madhuri Hosford, Foss Waterway Seaport Museum; Bonnie Beaudoin, Foss Waterway Seaport Museum

1C) “Oaxaca: Water and Sanitation: Challenges and Opportunities” – Room 133, UC

Speaker: Rick McKenney, executive director, Water for Humans

1D) “Water for People and Fish – Restoring Salmon Habitat in the Nisqually Watershed” – Scandinavian Cultural Center, UC

Speaker: Jeanette Dorner ’94, Ecosystem and Salmon Recovery director, Puget Sound Partnership

10:30-10:55 a.m.

Chapel – Room 322, MBR

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Robert Stivers

11:15 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

The 2012 Thor Heyerdahl International Keynote Speech: “Water and the Development of Human Civilization: Some Perspective” – Chris Knutzen (CK) Hall, UC (A keynote address presented in cooperation with and through the generous sponsorship of The Thor Heyerdahl Institute of Larvik, Norway.)

Speaker (keynote II): Professor Terje Tvedt, Professor in History, University of Oslo and Professor in Geography, University of Bergen. Series Editor of the multi-volume series ” A History of Water” and author of two water documentaries shown world wide.

12:30-1:35 p.m. – Concurrent Session 2

2A) “Climate Change and Population Growth as Drivers of Puget Sound Water Supply and Quality” – Regency Room, UC

Speaker: Joel Baker, Port of Tacoma, chair in environmental science and professor, University of Washington Tacoma

2B) “The State of the Coastal Environment in Trinidad & Tobago: Thrust Towards Integrated Coastal Zone Management” – Room 201, UC

Speaker: Rahanna Juman, marine ecologist, Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

2C) “How a Local NGO Measures Success and Sustainability in a Time of Overwhelming Need” – Room 133, UC

Speaker: Eric Stowe, director and founder, A Child’s Right

2D) “Elwha River Restoration – Dam Removal Reflects Changing Perspective on the Best Use of Our Water Resources” – Scandinavian Cultural Center, UC

Speaker: Dean Butterworth, U.S. Park Ranger, Outreach and Education specialist, Olympic National Park

1:45-2:50 p.m. – Concurrent Session 3

3A) “Frozen Waters: The Geopolitics of Economy, Climate Change and Military Security in the Arctic Ocean” A Thor Heyerdahl Institute Sponsored Presentation – Regency Room, UC

Speaker: Willy Østreng, senior researcher, Oceans Future; vice-president, Norwegian Academy of Polar Research, Norway

3B) “Water and Justice: the Western U.S.” – Room 201, UC

Speaker: Bob Stivers, professor emeritus of religion, PLU

3C) “The Port of Tacoma: Its Impact on the South Sound and State of Washington” and “Industrial Development and Fisheries Enhancement at the Port of Tacoma” – Room 133, UC

Speakers: Connie Bacon, commissioner, Port of Tacoma; Tony Warfield, senior manager for development studies, Environmental Programs, Port of Tacoma

3D) “Groundwater Quality, Quantity and Vulnerability in Arid Southwest Namibia: Challenges in Meeting Water Demand” – Scandinavian Cultural Center, UC

Speaker: Ben Mapani, senior lecture and researcher, Department of Geology, University of Namibia

3E) “Water and Its Social Role Among Women in Shillong, India” – Room 201, Xavier

Speakers: Sister Helen Puwein, Head of School, Bellefonte Community College; Karissa Bryant ’03

3-4:15 p.m.

A Journey in the History of Water, a documentary narrated by Professor Terje Tvedt and produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the University of Bergen will be shown – Regency Room, UC

This and his other documentary, A Journey in the Future of Water, have previously been shown in the on National Geographic and the Discovery Channels. His work emphasizes the importance of raising people’s awareness and knowledge of the Earth’s water supplies, water as a source of conflict and water as a vital resource in the struggle against poverty.

4:30-5:30 p.m.

Our Thirsty Planet – Reactions and Community Action – 208 Garfield

Following the Wang Center Symposium, head on over to 208 on Garfield Street to chat about your reactions to what impacted you from the speakers’ presentations. This will also be an opportunity to connect with others working on sustainability issues such as PLU’s GREAN student club and to be a part of the conversation about what actions we can take as a community in response to the global water crisis.