Eric Stowe

Director and Founder, A Child’s Right, Tacoma

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As a water project coordinator for an international adoption charity, A Child’s Right (ACR), founder Eric Stowe regularly observed the terrible water quality in orphanages around the world. Children who were living in already desperate conditions with uncertain futures were also suffering horribly from waterborne illnesses. He spent several years working with children in a dozen countries trying to find a long-term water solution for their needs.

Founded on the simple belief that every child has the right to clean water, Eric established A Child’s Right in August 2006. The mission was clear and focused: clean and safe drinking water would be provided to vulnerable children in impoverished urban areas.

Eric spent the first three years running ACR solo from the website to the photos, grant writing to installations, ideation to opening up new countries. He now spends his days charting the vision for ACR with an amazing crew in tow, doting on his wife and two children, challenging kids around the world to games of hoops that he invariably loses, and laying claim to “best job in the world.”