Tony Warfield

Senior Manager for Development Studies, Environmental Programs, Port of Tacoma; will join Connie Baker

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Eric Stowe

Director and Founder, A Child’s Right, Tacoma

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Robert L. Stiver

Professor Emeritus of Religion, Pacific Lutheran University

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Sr. Helen Puwein

Head of School, Bellefonte Community College, Shillong, India

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Willy Østreng

Senior Researcher, Oceans Future; Vice-President, Norwegian Academy of Polar Research, Norway

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Julie E. Masura

Faculty and Research Scientist, Environmental Science, Center for Urban Water, University of Washington Tacoma

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Benjamin Rapani

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Geology, University of Namibia

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Rahanna Juman

Marine Ecologist, Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

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Jeanette Dorner '94

Ecosystem and Salmon Recovery Director, Puget Sound Partnership

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Dean Butterworth

U.S. Park Ranger, Outreach and Education Specialist, Olympic National Park

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Karissa Bryant '03

teacher and traveler, will join Sr. Helen Puwein

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Joel Baker

Port of Tacoma Chair in Environmental Science and Professor, University of Washington Tacoma

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Janice Adams

Education Program Director, Foss Waterway Seaport Museum, Tacoma

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