Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Curriculum

Program length: 28 months

Program start: Depends on gap analysis

Total credit hours: 40

Class schedule: For the most part, classes are held Thursday evenings and all day Fridays, with a few daytime courses in the summer and January terms.

The Post Graduate Certificate curriculum consists of the specialty track coursework for the Family Nurse Practitioner. Most students will have completed NURS 580, 582, and 583 before starting the program, but they need to be included in the curriculum for accreditation purposes. A formal Gap Analysis will be conducted per CCNE and NTF standards to ensure students have the coursework required for national certification as a FNP.

Curriculum for FNP Post Graduate Certificate 2021-2023

Spring 2021 6 credits
NURS 730 Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURS 731 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics (3)

Summer 2021 6 credits
NURS 732 Advanced Physical Assessment (4)
NURS 733 Advanced Health Promotion (2)

Fall 2021 8 credits 
NURS 770 Primary Care Procedures and Diagnostics (3)
NURS 772 Family Nurse Practitioner I: Diagnosis and Management of Common Episodic and /or Stable Chronic Illness (5) (120 clinical hours)

Spring 2022 5 credits
NURS 773 FNP II: Diagnosis and Management of Acute and Complex Health Problems (5) (120 clinical hours)

Summer 2022 4 credits
NURS 774 Women and Children in Primary Care (4) (120 clinical hours)

Fall 2022 7 credits 
NURS 775 FNP 3: Diagnosis and Management of Chronic and Complex Health Problems (5) (120 clinical hours)
NURS 771 Psych for Primary Care (2)

Spring 2023 4 credits
NURS 776 FNP 4: Diagnosis and Management of Complex Comorbid Patients (4) (120 clinical hours)

You may request for a gap analysis to determine what previous coursework meets the program competencies required for the DNP degree.