Kristin in Tacoma (2002) is a writer, editor, and content manager for publications and websites in the Puget Sound area. She currently works with the women’s travel site Beginning this month, she is also the sponsor of an internship for one of our current PPA minors.

If you are a PPA alum who knows of internship or other employment opportunities in printing and publication related fields that might benefit other alumni and current students, please get in touch with Solveig Robinson so she can spread the word.

Mariesa in Tacoma

Mariesa (2006) is Marketing Coordinator for the Broadway Center for the Arts in downtown Tacoma.

Clayton in Port Townsend

Clayton (2012) graduated from PLU and worked as a publishing intern at Copper Canyon Press in Port Townsend, Washington.

Stacy in Boulder

Stacy (1996) is currently a Production Manager at Perseus Books Group in Boulder, Colorado.

Perseus Books Group is North America’s largest distributor of independent publishers, and its Constellation group is at the forefront digital publishing. They offer independent publishers e-book distribution, digital discovery services, and two varieties of digital printing – short print run (SPR) and print on demand (POD) – along with a number of online marketing tools.

Marissa in Tacoma

Marissa (2004) is a novelist in Tacoma. Her first novel Cinder (Feiwel & Friends, 2012) hit the New York Times Best Sellers list for children’s/young adult literature, and the third novel in the trilogy, Cress, was just released in Spring 2014.

For more information about her work, visit her website

Maggie in Seattle

Maggie (2007) owns her own interior design studio.

Erin in Portland

Erin (2009) is currently a graduate student in creative writing and publishing at Portland State. She also works for Powell’s and is a past editor at PSU’s Ooligan Press.

Lisa in Tacoma

Lisa (2005) went on to do graduate study in archival preservation in Ireland and is now an assistant in the Archives at PLU.

David in Oakland

David (2008) is now proprietor of Sharp Teeth Press in Oakland, California. He previously worked as a printmaker and typecaster at Arion Press in San Francisco. David’s work and press are recently featured in a Boxcar Press blog interview.

View David’s article “The Journey of a Young Printer” from the Fall 2011 issue of The Journal, the official publication of the Book Club of Washington. (Thanks to David and the BCW for permission to reprint this article.)

Christiana in Atlanta

Christiana (2011) is editorial director for BookLogix, a publishing firm in Atlanta, where she assists with both text editing and pre-press work.

Hannah in Seattle

Hannah (2011) is currently working for Scribe Source in Seattle. Besides writing, editing, and proofreading for clients, she also writes and edits marketing materials for her husband’s photography business.  The Scribe Source was recently featured on the Chicago Manual of Style’s CMOS Shop Talk site.