Publishing & Printing Arts (PPA) Program (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Through studying the history of print culture, students will review the variety of modes of human expression from antiquity to the present day and analyze the interrelationships between particular cultures and their modes of recording, disseminating, and interpreting information.
  2. Through studio press work, students will practice the traditional arts and crafts of the book, its design, and its production and apply their knowledge to creating letterpress broadsides, books, and ephemera.
  3. Through examining the structures, functions, and activities of the contemporary publishing industry, students will evaluate how trends in the industry are likely to shape vocational opportunities in the near future.
  4. Through practicing the crafts and technologies of contemporary publishing professionals, students will integrate their own interests and skills with industry expectations while preparing for vocations in publishing-related work.

Updated January 2019