Publishing and Printing Arts Course Selection

J-Term 2022 Electives
BUSA 340: Nonprofit Management
HIST 248: Innovation, Ethics, and Society
Spring 2022
PPAP Core Courses:
PPAP 302/ENGL 312/COMA 322: Publishing Procedures
PPAP 321/ENGL 313/ARTD 315: The Art of the Book I (AR)
PPAP 322/ENGL 314: The Art of the Book III (AR)
PPAP Electives:
ARTD210: Graphic Design 2
ARTD 320: Photography 2: Digital
ARTD 410: Graphic Design 4
BUSA 203: Managerial Accounting
BUSA 305: Behavior in Organizations
BUSA 308: Principles of Marketing
COMA 226: MediaLab
COMA 229: Student Media
COMA 426: Advanced Media Lab
COMA 429: Advanced Student Media
COMA 461: Advertising, PR and Campaigns