Guest Artist Aubrey Logan - Trombonist, Singer and Songwriter

We are excited to host a very special guest artist this year: singer, trombonist, and songwriter Aubrey Logan. Logan graduated from Berklee School of Music in 2010, and since then she has recorded three solo albums and has collaborated on many others. Logan won the Audience’s Choice Award and the Jury’s First Place Award at the 2009 Shure-Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland; she is also a featured artist for Postmodern Jukebox.
Her first album in 2019 made her a household name with music aficionados around the world. Because it was that album, Where the Sunshine is Expensive, that showed the depth of songwriting that she is capable of.

In between her recording commitments, Logan finds time to share the stage with Alabama Shakes, Meghan Trainor, Pharrell Williams, Josh Groban, Dave Koz, The Commodores, and Boston Pops at venues as diverse as Ronnie Scott’s famous jazz club in London to the expansive Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. She’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and the Grammys’ Award Show and ABC’s The Goldbergs. She’s recorded a duet with her childhood hero, Gloria Estefan. She’s beloved by not just the dedicated fans of Postmodern Jukebox, but she considers the creator, Scott Bradlee, and her colleagues within the collective her true friends; And she loves performing. But it is in her writing that we find out who Aubrey Logan really is.

“A singer, trombone player and a songwriter, her body of work is underscored by the integrity of a performer that is able to stretch herself emotionally across a musical landscape that defies description. Complex and still retaining the intimacy of stories that are both personal and inspiring, Aubrey is able to bring a wealth of experience to her song writing that touches the deepest part of the human experience.”