Health & Safety

Health and safety at PLU is both a right and responsibility. The university has detailed those rights and responsibilities in our written Occupational Health, Safety and Accident Prevention Program. Supervisors in particular should become familiar with these policies and procedures in order to effectively manage worksite safety training requirements and enforcement of safe work practices.

Work Injuries

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries requires employers to record work related injuries and illnesses. If you are injured while working at PLU, please complete an Injury Report. The injury report alerts the university that there may be a claim to process. It also alerts the Environmental Health & Safety Manager and Safety Committee to possible hazards.

Report Hazards

Please report physical hazards to Facilities Management in the form of a work order request. Requests may be made online (preferred) or by telephoning the Facilities Management office at x7380.

First Aid Kit Refills

We have first aid kits located all around campus in order to insure the safety of our PLU community.  If you need a first aid kit refill please contact us at x8935 or at

Some physical hazards require significant labor or financial investments to correct. You must submit a proposal to your Vice President for approval and allocation of funding for projects. You may also ask your safety committee representative to submit the project for the EHS request list.

Report other hazards, such as improperly functioning equipment, unsafe co-workers, and inadequate procedures to your supervisor.

You may also submit a Safety Hazard Reporting Form to the Environmental Health & Safety Manager. Reports received by the Environmental Health & Safety Manager will be reviewed by the Safety Committee, which may make recommendations for correcting the hazard.