Funding Students for the International Science and Engineering Fair

The South Sound STEM Fair Alliance is a Washington nonprofit corporation with IRS tax exempt 501c3 status. We manage the Discovery Fair as our exclusive mission. We are an all-volunteer organization.

Our assets are under $10,000. The cost for an annual fair, depending on the number of registrants and inventory carryover is around $3,500 and higher.

Obtaining donations from corporations is increasingly difficult due to changing priorities since the pandemic. Many sources are now prioritizing social needs. Some fairs have lost as much as 75% of their donations since pre pandemic.

The cost of sending one student to ISEF is estimated at $2500 this year. In addition we are required to pay for and send one chaperone. We are exploring the possibility of one student and teaming with another fair to cover the chaperone costs. However we need funding directed for attending ISEF. Families of students selected for ISEF are not allowed to fund the trip. If you donate put “For ISEF” in the company box.

Discovery Management Committee