State Fair Registration

Note that you will have to convert your Discovery slides to a trifold board for the state fair.

These links will provide two forms required by the State Fair which are not used by Discovery. Do not send these forms to Discovery. Upload them to your STEM Wizard account.

Grade 1-5 Required Form For Washington State and Regional Fairs Except Discovery

Media Release & Hold Harmless & Ethics Form

While we offer a link via the STEM Wizard system for State Fair registration, we at Discovery do not manage the entire process. It is mostly up to those who register to be sure their required items are complete and submitted.

Things we will do:

  1. If you have questions let us know at and either we will answer or ask staff at the State Fair to answer.
  2. Your project may require extra forms, such as risk analysis for example. When we sign off on forms, if required, we will return a copy to you to include in your STEM Wizard registration.
  3. After the Discovery fair we will check registrations for completeness and transfer records to the State Fair.

Note: STEM Wizard automatically sends emails regarding your State Fair registration status. Please do not confuse those with your Discovery registration. Ask us if you are not sure: