Education Basis For Policy

In addition to and co-equal with its legal responsibilities as set out in Section II to this policy, PLU, by its mission, is committed to providing an environment in which students can work, live, and study free from all types of Prohibited Conduct. Consistent with its Equal Educational Opportunity Policy, PLU prohibits any discrimination in education and employment on the basis of gender or gender identity (see also PLU Human Resources Sexual Misconduct Policy). Prohibited Conduct, as listed above, has a serious negative impact on the quality of the educational experience. When a formal complaint is filed and a student conduct process concludes, PLU will seek to remedy the aggrieved party and restore the elements of their educational experience to what was experienced before the Prohibited Conduct occurred. All members of the community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. The Sexual Misconduct Policy has been developed to reaffirm these principles and to provide recourse for those individuals who believe they may have experienced or witnessed Prohibited Conduct, as defined by this policy. This policy and the Student Code of Conduct Procedures also provide the standards and process for the University to determine, after the fact, if behaviors violate the PLU Student Code of Conduct. The University will work to prevent and eliminate Prohibited Conduct by providing a multi-faceted educational program to promote awareness of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. All members of the PLU community are expected to play a role in making their community a safe, educational, and just community. This policy is intended to meet the requirements of applicable federal and state laws. If this policy is inconsistent with any applicable law, it is the University’s intent to follow applicable laws.