Student Rights and Expectations

Federal law requires Pacific Lutheran University to afford the Complainant and the Respondent rights throughout the Prohibited Conduct process. Additionally, Pacific Lutheran University has a commitment to all community members, and is committed to creating an environment that still serves the educational and employment rights of all during the Prohibited Conduct process. Basic rights include:

Respect for Privacy

Information regarding Prohibited Conduct reports, and any investigation or review of these reports, including sanctioning determinations, will be shared among University employees on a “need-to-know” basis only, and only under applicable law.

Fair and Unbiased Process

The University will take appropriate steps to ensure that the Respondent and the Complainant are treated fairly throughout the process, without bias.

Choice to Participate

All Complainants, Respondents, Reporters, or Witnesses may choose to participate or decline to participate in the Prohibited Conduct process. However, even if the Complainant or Respondent declines to participate, the University, in its sole discretion, may continue to investigate the matter and make sanctioning decisions based on the incident and information gathered.

Confidential Assistance and Resources

All Complainants, Respondents, Reporters, and Witnesses have the right to seek additional, confidential resources if needed. Confidential services include the Wellbeing Services and Resources

 Health and Counseling Services, Confidential Advocacy, and Campus Ministry. All information shared with these offices and individuals will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law and University policy. Discussions with these individuals will not be considered a report to the University as it relates to the process.