What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Sexual Misconduct

If you feel you are the victim of a sexual misconduct violation, some of the following steps may be taken, depending on the severity of the incident and the time elapsed since the incident. Additionally, anyone who observes or suspects a potential sexual misconduct is encouraged to take these steps as well. While these are options for any student, each student is encouraged to do what is best for them and what they feel most comfortable with.

  • Seek Safety: If a student is in need of immediate safety, get to safety. This can include calling Campus Safety or local law enforcement at 9-1-1 for emergency situations, or RA on Duty if it is between 6pm-8am Sunday-Thursday, 6pm Friday – 8am Sunday.
  • Get Medical Attention: Students have the option of seeking medical attention for any injuries sustained, preventative treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy screenings, and other services related to health and wellness. Students are encouraged to either go to local hospitals for this service, or the PLU Health Center for non-emergency cases. Local hospitals, listed in the Resource section of this policy, are able to perform a Forensic Exam if desired.
  • Preserve Evidence: Regardless of whether a student thinks they would like to pursue a process through local law enforcement or PLU, students are encouraged to preserve evidence to the best of their ability. The following are suggestions of ways to preserve evidence. While some will not apply to every situation, these are suggestions and not inclusive of ways to preserve evidence.
    • Do not shower, bath, douche, smoke, brush teeth, eat, drink, or change clothes before going to the hospital for medical attention. Go to the Emergency Room for a Sexual Assault Forensics Exam if sexual violence occurred within a reasonable timeframe.
      • Campus Safety or local law enforcement can help with transportation to local hospitals
      • If a student feels they were drugged, it is important to mention this to the medical provider and/or law enforcement as soon as possible.
    • For any case of sexual misconduct, keep all texts, messages, emails, and other social media documentation. Take screen shots as necessary.
    • For cases of stalking, keeping logs of information, letters, voicemails, or any other tangible item.
  • Seek Support: Students have a variety of options of seeking support, listed in the resource section above. Confidential resources are available if students are not interested in pursuing any conduct or criminal processes.
  • Consider Reporting: There are several different ways to report a claim of sexual misconduct. Students who report a complaint will have input on how the claim is handled within PLU. Additionally, students have the option to file a report with local law enforcement.