Miscellaneous Provisions

When a report of Prohibited Conduct is received, PLU will provide written notification to Impacted Parties and employees regarding the services listed in this policy, and about possible legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, student financial aid, and any additional services available, both within the University and in the community. While the initial assessment of the report is in progress, all students involved will be supported in continuing their educational endeavors at PLU to the best of their abilities.

The University will provide written notification to Impacted Parties about options for, available assistance in, and how to request changes to academic, living, transportation, and working situations or protective measures. The University will make such accommodations or provide such protective measures if an Impacted Party requests them and if they are reasonably available, regardless of whether the Impacted Party chooses to submit a Formal Complaint to the University or participate in the legal process with local law enforcement.

All records pertaining to a report, formal complaint, investigation, determination, and all other information related to the Title IX Office will be retained for seven years following the exit of an impacted party from the University. All materials and information used for the training of the Formal Process Team, investigators, and the Title IX Coordinator will be available for review on Pacific Lutheran University’s Title IX website.