Review Officers for student code of conduct cases (excluding sexual misconduct; please see the sexual misconduct policy for further information on the standard of evidence) weigh information against the standard of “more likely than not” (preponderance of evidence) and may come to one of the following decisions for each alleged violation:

RESPONSIBLE: The student, more likely than not, violated the Student Code of Conduct

NOT RESPONSIBLE: The student, more likely than not, did not violate the Student Code of Conduct

INCONCLUSIVE: There is not sufficient information to reach a decision. If additional information becomes available while the student is enrolled at PLU, then the case may be referred for reconsideration to Review Officers, in the discretion of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The SRR Office will determine whether the original Review Officer(s) is reconvened, or if the case is referred to a new Review Officer(s).

Review Officer decisions generally are made through a review of Incident Reports, individual statements (written and oral), and additional review documents, if applicable. A student’s previous conduct history may also be reviewed, where in PLU’s discretion it is deemed relevant.

Both the Complainant(s) and the Respondent(s) will be advised concurrently of the outcome of any Review Meeting where violations of the Sexual Misconduct policy is alleged. This notification will state the determination of responsibility for the alleged violation, in addition to any sanctions. The Complainant(s) will be notified of any sanction imposed that “relates directly” to the Complainant. Examples would include No Contact Orders, Suspensions, etc.