Incident Reports

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Students, as members of the community, have the right to address issues that may be incongruent with university policies, rules, and regulations. Employees of the university have the responsibility to support the policies, rules and regulations of PLU. Therefore, when a student’s conduct appears to be in violation of university policies, rules or regulations, any student, staff, faculty member, or community member may submit an Incident Report.

Rules and regulations developed by the university to maintain a safe and orderly environment may be found in the following locations (without limitation): Code of Conduct, Course Catalog, PLU Master Housing and Meal Agreement, PLU Student Athlete Handbook, ROTC Student Handbook, Clubs and Organizations Handbook, ASPLU Handbook, RHA Handbook, and the PLU Parking Regulations. Each resource can be found on the PLU website. Incident Report forms are available to be submitted online at Please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, located in the Dean of Students House in the University Center Lot, if you have questions about completing an Incident Report or about student conduct processes in general.

  1. A written description of the observed misconduct should be submitted electronically via the online Incident Report Form to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities within 72-hours of the incident, if possible. Incident Reports submitted after this timeframe will be assessed by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, who will determine in its sole discretion whether the Incident Report can and should be reviewed and proceedings begun.
  2. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities reviews the Incident Report, investigates ambiguities when they exist, and determines the type of process most appropriate to the situation. This determination is usually based upon, but not limited to, the nature of the incident, the student’s conduct history, and any current sanctions pending with the student.
  3. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will schedule the Incident Report for review by the appropriate Review Officer(s).
  4. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities informs the student involved that their name appears on an Incident Report. This is accomplished by sending a Review Meeting notification with applicable alleged charges, in addition to a copy of the Incident Report, through PLU email. Students are responsible for checking their PLU emails on a regular basis as it is a formal means of communication from the University.