2020 Student Juried Art Show Banner

Welcome to the 2020 Juried Student Art Exhibit! As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has been moved to this virtual experience. Keep scrolling to see our top prize winners, hear a message from our chair, and meet our juror. With so many fabulous submissions, we had to spread them over several virtual “rooms” (or webpages). At the bottom of each page, you’ll find the button to continue to the next collection.

Michael Stasinos, Interim Chair, Department of Art and Design

Kimisha Turner

Washington native and Cornish College alum Kimisha Turner creates work influencing self-reflection, empowerment and social awareness. Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking and photography, it’s no surprise that her work varies in application and medium on a regular basis. It is common for her to learn a new medium in order to properly convey her conceptual vision. From photography to mosaic, wood carving to paint, performance art to printmaking, she is truly invested in being a well-rounded “creator.”

Juror's Statement from Kimisha Turner

It was a really really challenging decision to make as there were some really beautiful and beautifully executed pieces that entered this year. I ultimately went with work that not only caught my attention visually but also conceptually. These pieces create questions, empathy and imagination within me and I appreciate the mixed media the artists used to convey their vision. Work that makes me take a second, third, and fourth look is wonderful as it keeps me wanting more, to find other hidden gems that I may have missed upon the first viewing.

I really appreciated the opportunity to look at all the beautiful work and am honored to be the guest juror for this show. All the entries should be really proud of themselves.

First Prize

Daydream by Claire Buoini

Daydream | mixed media collage | Claire Buoini | First Prize

Mixed media collage | 8 x 11″

Second Prize

Through Adversity Comes Opportunity by Autumn Thompson

Through Adversity Comes Opportunity | mixed media | Autumn Thompson | Second Prize

Mixed media | 18 x 16″

Third Prize

Practicing Courage by Margaret Matthews

Practicing Courage | Mixed media sculpture | Margaret Mathews | Third Prize
Practicing Courage | Mixed media sculpture | Margaret Mathews | Third Prize