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Gestalt: 2021 Senior Capstone Portfolios

See all the projects and art that our Art and Design seniors have created.

Meet Our Students

Jazper Arnett

BA, Studio Arts | Communication minor

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jazper is an aspiring graphic designer. Being heavily inspired by anime and comics, he too wants to impact others with his creations.

Bryant Bartlett

BFA, Graphic Design

Bryant Bartlett is a designer and creative problem solver from Tacoma, Washington. As an anthropocentric creative, Bryant designs for people and often about people—focusing on design for use, design for communication, and design with a function.

Dallas Eckleman

BFA, Graphic Design

Dallas Eckelman is a graphic design student who loves using his critical thinking skills and cartoonish aesthetic to create fun and appealing illustrations. In the future he plans on pursuing a career in game design.

Kevin Jansen

BFA, Graphic Design

Kevin Jansen has been drawing cartoons on his homework for as long as he can remember. Fueled by an interest in comedy and science fiction, he hopes to someday bring his cartoons to life in a long-form story.

Ann Christine Kimari

BA, Studio Art | Communication minor

Coming from the beautiful country Kenya, Ann Christine found her passion for art rooted in her culture and upbringing. She enjoys crafting and decorating spaces. Her goal is to develop and enhance her country’s artistry. She hopes to elevate patriotism via the appreciation of the beauties vested within her country.

Ariana Kong

BFA, Graphic Design

Creating art both physical and digital has always been a therapeutic  and boundless process for Ariana. She hopes to convey work that allows viewers to relate and gain interest into the world of creation that surrounds us and to make a positive impact as she delves further into the world.

Megan LeDuc

BFA, Graphic Design | Music minor

Megan LeDuc is a graphic designer who explores the process of making art in her  work. Her other interests include illustration, printmaking, and ceramics. When she’s  not creating, she loves drinking coffee and being an overprotective plant parent.

Margaret Mathews

BFA, Studio Art (Sculpture)

Margaret’s goal is to amuse, bemuse, or confuse her viewers. Her art often holds elements of absurdity and irony. She believes beauty and humor are important to living life. She aims to make this world just that much more bearable.

Rheanna Meehan

BFA, Graphic Design

I am a Pacific Northwest born artist who strives to create engaging aesthetically appealing imagery using my own style. My interests lie in graphic design and digital painting. I often combine these two skills to create artwork. I plan on creating a career and graphic design as well as develop my own web comic in the future.

Inocencio ``Chencho`` Orta

BFA, Graphic Design

Chencho Orta has developed a passion that combines his love of scuba, nature, camera, digital media, and social justice into a desire to wholeheartedly communicate visually with the world. He enjoys color in the digital designs of his many forms of expression.

Jessica Zenobio

BFA, Graphic Design

Jessica Zenobio is a Graphic Design major graduating in 2021. For her capstone she created a six poster series on the mythological Greek story of Medusa. When Jessica Isn’t working on digital art she enjoys knitting and playing video games.