Written works preserve our history, describe our current reality and color our future beyond imagination. Whether you aspire to analyze literature or develop your writing skills for use in any career, the study of English offers a versatile and challenging major. Through reading we have the opportunity to live a thousand lives, while writing with care and imagination can reveal new self-truths. A disciplined experience with the written word develops broad vision, fresh insight, and the more sophisticated skills of analysis, interpretation and communication.

Children's Literature & Culture Minor

Children’s Literature and Culture (CHLC) is a minor designed to give students practical knowledge and critical literacy around childhood and youth. This minor helps students prepare for advanced study and careers in fields involving children’s literature, childhood studies, creative writing, and education. Students in the CHLC minor engage in a popular and diversifying discipline with high standards for critical literacy and the university’s mission of service and care. In addition, those looking ahead to graduate school are prepared to apply to vibrant national and international graduate programs in children’s literature and childhood/youth studies at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels.

Publishing & Printing Arts Minor

Publishing and Printing Arts (PPA) is a minor program that explores the ethical, cultural, and commercial issues confronting readers, writers, editors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, and all who value the written word. But PPA also offers students solid pre-professional skills, and each year our active internship program helps launch students into publishing-related careers across the country including jobs at Amazon and in New York publishing houses.

MFA in Creative Writing (Rainier Writing Workshop)

What are your goals as a student and maker of literature, as an artist contributing to the conversation about the urgent matters of our time? What is the work you want to do, the work that is specific to your experience, talent, and imagination?  Now celebrating a decade of accomplishment, The Rainier Writing Workshop has been helping writers to answer those questions, and to generate new, even deeper questions about the writer’s aspirations.