The 2015 National Print Exhibition

``Vantage Points``

February 4 – March 4, 2015 at Pacific Lutheran University.

Opening Reception: February 11, 2015 at 5pm

The first exhibition of 2015 is the third bi-annual National Print Exhibition. This year the exhibition showcases prints from all over the United States made under the theme “Vantage Points.” This show represents the best in contemporary printmaking.

Virtual Gallery


John Hankiewicz - Antler
John Hankiewicz - "Antler"


Mary Farrell - Meditation on Place - 1
"Meditation on Place 1" by Mary Farrell


A Marionette by Alan Larkin
"A Marionette" by Alan Larkin

Honorable Mentions

Soapbox Sammy by Dennis Olsen
"Soapbox Sammy" by Dennis Olsen
Flare by Ellen Price
"Flare" by Ellen Price
A Ticket to Ride…. by David Avery
"A Ticket to Ride…." by David Avery
RRU(C) - 3 by Juergen Strunck
"RRU(C) - 3" by Juergen Strunck
My Portrait in Time by Adam Rake
"My Portrait in Time" by Adam Rake

Other Selections

Hawk Boy by Keegan Adams
"Hawk Boy" by Keegan Adams
Impasse by Steven Foutch
"Impasse" by Steven Foutch
Vintage Car by Karen Brussat Butler
"Vintage Car" by Karen Brussat Butler
Valiant Resolve by Ann Johnston-Schuster
"Valiant Resolve" by Ann Johnston-Schuster
Italian House by Robert Muirhead
"Italian House" by Robert Muirhead
Vivaldi's Women by Mimi Williams
Vivaldi's Women" by Mimi Williams
Summer Harvest by Sarah Smelser
"Summer Harvest" by Sarah Smelser
Missing by Marsha Schweitzer
"Missing" by Marsha Schweitzer
Nocturne (Widow in Landscape) by Curtis Bartone
"Nocturne (Widow in Landscape)" by Curtis Bartone
Lisière by Cathie Crawford
"Lisière" by Cathie Crawford
Hiding / Seeking by Brain Lane
"Hiding / Seeking" by Brain Lane
(Triptych) Puddle A/Puddle B/Puddle C by Rebecca Marsh McCannell
"(Triptych) Puddle A/Puddle B/Puddle C" by Rebecca Marsh McCannell
Long Distance Relationship by Nicholas Ruth
"Long Distance Relationship" by Nicholas Ruth
Skeletal Self Portrait by John Semple
"Skeletal Self Portrait" by John Semple
Shadow Abstract by Peter Baczek
"Shadow Abstract" by Peter Baczek
Drinking Leaves from: Without Witness by Dellas Henke
"Drinking Leaves from: Without Witness" by Dellas Henke
Nets by Bill (William) Hosterman
"Nets" by Bill (William) Hosterman
Snow@ Eat-Rite by Anthony Lazorko
"Snow@ Eat-Rite" by Anthony Lazorko
A Too Late Song (For Becky) by Sylvia Solochek Walters
"A Too Late Song (For Becky)" by Sylvia Solochek Walters
Rock 4 by Bill Colby
"Rock 4" by Bill Colby
Root Bound: Faith, Space (#26) by April Katz and JoAnn Boehmner
"Root Bound: Faith, Space (#26)" by April Katz and JoAnn Boehmner
Controlling Identity by Justin Diggle
"Controlling Identity" by Justin Diggle
Impasse by Steven Foutch
"Impasse" by Steven Foutch
Your're the Doctor by Joshua Johnson
"You're the Doctor" by Joshua Johnson
148 Feet by Elysia Mann
"148 Feet" by Elysia Mann
Radiant Man by Chadwick Tolley
"Radiant Man" by Chadwick Tolley