Jazz Courses at PLU

History of Jazz (MUSI 103): This class is a survey of the history of jazz, from its African origins to current artists and stylistic trends. The course presents lectures, live performances, listening activities, and multi-media to nurture an appreciation and awareness of the artists and musical developments of America’s unique artistic contribution to the world.
Instructor: Dr. Cassio Vianna

Music Theory and Analysis IV (MUSI 236): The final semester of the Music Theory and Analysis sequence now includes the study of jazz theory. Students are introduced to jazz chord/scale relationship, chord extensions, melodic construction, and essential elements of modal and tonal jazz harmony. The course also includes score analysis of jazz standards from different periods and styles.
Instructor: Dr. Cassio Vianna, co-taught with Dr. Greg Youtz

Private Jazz Composition and Arranging Instruction: Private instruction is available for jazz composition and arranging. Compositions and arrangements by students may be performed by the University Jazz Ensemble or Jazz Combos.
Instructor: Dr. Cassio Vianna

Private Jazz Instrumental and Improvisation Instruction: Private jazz instruction is available for saxophone, electric guitar, electric or acoustic bass, piano, drum set, and improvisation (any instrument). Two semesters of traditional private instruction or permission from the Director of Jazz Studies is a prerequisite for private jazz instruction. Instruction focuses on technique, theory, transcription, improvisation, and repertoire. Private jazz instruction culminates at the end of the semester in a formal jazz jury performance for members of the jazz faculty.
Instructors: Clipper Anderson (bass), Mark Ivester (drum set), Kate Olson (saxophone and instrumental improvisation), Dr. Cassio Vianna (piano).